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In April  2007,  a fundraiser, six awareness bracelets, along with the desire and need to help a dear friend, Sharon Winter, who had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer has become a fundraising avenue for many individuals, non-profits and organizations. Including, The Pink Fund, Maggie's Wigs 4 Kids, The Children's Heart Foundation, Autism Speaks, The Down Syndrome Guild, Grey Matters, The American Lung Association,  just to name a few. 


Sadly, Sharon lost her life just 9 short months later, at the age of 42.  "Her legacy" lives on through her beautiful bracelets. 


Angel of Grace provides an affordable handmade bracelet that is made unique to represent a specific cause which is denoted by its awareness ribbon color and special bead.  Women around the world wear "Sharon's" bracelet every day, creating a bond that honors a loved one or cause.  The beauty in its quality and significance, allows it to be treasured by all. 

Angel of Grace Awareness Bracelets is passionate and committed to making a difference in the community through her fundraising efforts.

One bracelet at a time!  

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